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        Body Wraps

        We offer full body detox body wraps. We use an exclusive all natural organic minerals based solution formulated to remove impurities, reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten skin. Our body wraps are so effective that inchloss can be seen after just one treatment. And since our solution is all natural you are getting a full body detox not water weight loss. Meaning as long as you maintain moderate diet and exercise your inch loss will remain gone.

        Belly Buster Wrap

        $139 /wrap

        • This is a full body wrap but we focus more on the upper thighs and mid section.
        Fat Blaster Wrap

        $159 /wrap

        • With all the same qualities as the Belly Buster this wrap has three times more added minerals for that extra boost in inch loss skin thigh ting and cellulite reduction.

        How to prepare for your wrap

        Women, make sure to bring an extra bra and underwear or a two piece bathing suit to wear during your wrap. Also make sure no not have any lotion or oil on your skin the day of treatment.
        Men, wear either basketball shorts or swim trunks also make sure to not have lotion or oil on the skin the day of treatment.